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TNZ Messenger
TNZ Messenger      下载: 2720  点击: 8980

大小:86.39MB 更新日期:19-05-02 类型:办公 最新版本:V4.0.1 开发者:
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    • 2.72
    • 86.39MB
    • 19-05-02
    • V4.0.1

TNZ Messenger 应用介绍

TNZ Messenger官方介绍TNZ Messenger makes working on-call easier, providing a life line to co-workers and technical support in a time of need. A push notification alert and group chat application, TNZ Messenger can receive server and mobile generated messages for group collaboration amongst your IT Team. Receive support tickets anywhere and get mission critical tasks completed faster with mobile access anywhere! From server outages to customer queries, your IT team can collaborate using their mobile at any time and receive instant responses from others. Seamlessly create a new notification from your mobile device and alert your co-workers, or send aleRTS via a POST from a server or web application! You and your co-workers can add notes, accept jobs, mark jobs as completed, as well as host general chat sessions directly within the application. Set a level of urgency on your alerts, letting others know how quickly they need to respond to a job. Set a different ringtone for each alert level, so you know whether immediate ACTion is required. - Receive HTTP Notifications from Server or Web Application - Send push notification alerts to co-workers (invoking an alarm type ringtone for urgent action) - Group collaboration between co-workers on push notifications - Track which users have viewed, accepted and completed notifications - Chat directly to an individual co-worker (Instant Messaging) - Group Chat between multiple co-workers using a simple chat platform - Integrate other services such as Two Factor Authentication Token Codes - Company Directory/Address Book (Name, Position, Email Address, Telephone Number) See a full product specification here: http://www.tnzmessenger.com手机TNZ Messenger app截图

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TNZ Messenger TNZ Messenger TNZ Messenger TNZ Messenger